Test blog for SEO consultant Lucknow

The idea of writing this blog is to test that can I rank this content for the keyword SEO consultant Lucknow on the first page of Google.

Now, Google says that if you have stuffed the keyword that you want to rank for, in my case “SEO consultant Lucknow” in a way that it sounds natural and provide good information to the end users,

It will not be considered as keyword stuffing or keyword spamming to rank the content for targeted keyword.

And your content will be ranked higher. 

So let’s begin the test

Factors those are responsible for ranking a content high in SERP are:
  1. Content that has more than 2000 word count, that means a lot of quality information
  2. A good internal link structure
  3. The content must be easy to read
  4. The content structure must be good
  5. Content formatting
  6. Use of related images and graphs
And many more that m not going to disclose

Elaborating the above points

2000 word count for a blog

Now I will try to stretch this article as long as I can, without making it too boring for the readers and will try to cover my 2000 word count though I think that would be an impossible task for me to cover, as I have seen most of the blogs with posts or articles that I came across were not more than 700 to 1000 word count, this is why they never come up in search engines and I only get this stuff in my subscribed newsletters.

Now before I start writing such a lengthy blog, I must confess that it is next to impossible that I can revolve the content around a single keyword that I want to rank for, 

Yes you know well I want to rank for SEO consultant Lucknow,

Here is a fact for you guys try to break the keyword and find certain related keywords so it doesn’t look like you have intentionally stuffed the keywords:

Say my keyword is SEO consultant Lucknow

Now how can I break this keyword, so not only this blog ranks for SEO consultant Lucknow, but for other terms too?

So my term is SEO consultant Lucknow, its break could be
  • SEO
  • SEO consultant
  • SEO Lucknow
  • Consultant Lucknow
These are the terms that I can work around my content.

Now I can also use related terms or by targeting subtopics such as
  • How to find an SEO consultant in Lucknow
  • Qualities of a good SEO consultant
  • What do you know about SEO
And many more, but I will leave this point here only

Coming on to the next point

A good internal link structure

Now I didn't have posted many blogs in the recent past but I will try to fulfill this part by interlinking with some of the posts that I did earlier, like
Though they are no very relevant, to explain a good internal link structure point.

As a good internal link structure means,

Say I am writing all about how to find the best SEO consultant in Lucknow.

Now a good internal link structure means.

If I have created certain pages that have information about the term “SEO”, “consultant” or “Lucknow

Now, what I will do is, I will use these terms as anchor text for relevant page.

What this will do is. Even if my reader click the link he will be redirected to a new page, but will not redirect from the website and I will give them an option to return back to the page that covers the topic “how to find the best SEO consultant in Lucknow

To readers its relevant information, for search engine perspective I have created a good internal link structure for my blog.

In a similar manner, you can link all your pages with relevant terms back to other pages.

The next point would be

How easy it is to read your blog

 If you have noticed from the very beginning,

I am not writing long paragraphs as people find it hard to concentrate when they are reading such long content. If it’s written in long paragraphs

So, the key point here is to,
  • Keep them meaning full
  • keep your lines short
  • Let your reader discover your blog step by step
  • Because if you lost engagement of your reader
  • You will lose your lead
Quick tip 

”long content will never generate the lead for you, but it will generate quality traffic for your website, that might be converted in to a Lead”

Have you ever seen an AdWords campaign that has a landing page other than a registration form defining the services? This might explain the difference between content copies that will bring quality traffic to your website and page that are used for conversion.

I might cover the conversion thing in some other blog.

By now you must be clear on how to make your blog easy to read.

The next point is 

Content structure

Dividing you content in to
  • Heading and subheading
  • paragraphs
  • bullet points
So that reader can easily figure out what are the major points to be covered,

Providing a small summary of every section after the small sections

And before starting a section you should give a brief about what the big section will cover.

Blank, what I am talking about?

Just scroll the blog from where you started reading it. Are you scrolling wait I was kidding first finish reading this section,

Then it will be clearer for you to check what content structure actually means.

Talking about headings,

Scrolling up you will find out that I have used an H1 tag for the title of this blog; yes this is how I begin structuring my content. This H1 tags precisely known as heading tag

I was lucky, that I was able to use my targeted keyword SEO consultant Lucknow in the H1 tag of the title, which is “Test blog for SEO consultant Lucknow” 

Quick tip

”Heading tags consist of 6 H tags, content in H1 tag give the search engine a signal that, copywriter want to grab search engine attention toward this text more”

“you should use only one H1 tag per page, but you can use as much as you can other Heading tags from H2 to H6, but keep in mind that this should not be too much”

The paragraph

Keep the paragraphs small and meaning full, as much as you can, I have discussed this above, so no need to dig in this anymore.

The bullet point

All that summarizes the lengthy section and can provide a gist that what the upcoming section will cover are the bullet points.

Now, just start analyzing this blog from the very beginning you will find heading and subheading those are dividing, the blog in small sections making it easier for the reader to define what section covers what,

Next, you will see, small and meaning full paragraphs those led you to read this blog, and you are still reading

Next just check the number of bullet points that I have used to define small sections, before even elaborating the section

All this together creates a good content structure for your blog.

Quick tip

“Keep giving quick tips to your reader, these are like small perks to them, that will make them dig the content a bit more”

The next I am to cover is 

Content formatting:

Content formatting is applying highlighters and whatever you do to make it look more beautiful.
It can be explained as

“Girls with good makeup get the attention, but with access of unwanted make-up looks bad, so keep it simple and elegant”

I will ask you again to check the blog from the very beginning and you will find out that
I have applied the bold tag for certain words and sentiences
  • text is justified
  • Some I have underlined
  • Some of the content I have center aligned
Though I don’t believe much in customizing my copies so this much will do for me,
Doing this will make it simple for your reader to read

Quick tip
“It’s always about the reader, if he/she is happy, you will be happy too”
“You can also use formatting, to give search engines small booster signals, that what are the term you want search engine should index the content for”

In our case, I will apply bold tags to terms such as SEO, consultant, Lucknow, SEO consultant, SEO consultant Lucknow, SEO consultant in Lucknow, consultant Lucknow and other that I might want to boost the copy for.

Check my blog and you will find where I have applied the boosters.

The next point is

Use of images and graphs

If there is something that you want to prove,

The best this is to show evidence, this is where graphs are very important, not only they provide a big amount of information but these are easy to share.

And same happens with images. When you use images it makes your blog copy look better and not boring.

“Reading long storybook without any image, no, it was boring”

People are more glued to content that have related images.

Quick tip

“Apply alt tags to these images as search engines can’t read the images and do so will optimize your images”
“Images are easy to share”
“Even if your reader share the link of your blog, you for sure want a good image showing up with your link and not a blank text only”

Have you seen those images below the Facebook or linked shared post, they are fetched from your website, so it’s always good to use images with your blog.


As an ending note, I will say that I have possibly tried to cover almost all the points those are responsible for improving content structure for a website,

Improving the content structure of your copy not only makes it look good for the readers,

But it also optimizes the content to rank it higher in search engine result page.

My aim of writing this content was to give you information about ways that you can apply in your next content copy to rank high

Next was to rank this copy for the keyword SEO consultant Lucknow,

And I have revolved the content around other related terms too, so let see your search for SEO, SEO consultant, SEO consultant Lucknow, consultant Lucknow, or SEO consultant in Lucknow land you to my page.

If this happens do let me know, just post a comment in the section below,

Do let me know do you find the blog resource full and I will write back to you for sure.

And yes don’t forget to share this blog as spreading words might bring in some expert who would like to add more details.