Search engine optimization

Now there are a lot of e-books online sharing a lot about Search engine optimization, like how to do it. What are the benefits of SEO or tips and tricks, so I was thinking is there any thing new that can be shared,  then I thought of why not to share what I think about it.
Now what is Search engine optimization?
From what I read with in these years, it is described as a very complex function through which one can have traffic or a better ROI if done properly, now I strongly agree with the last two things that it provides good organic traffic and better ROI, but I dint agree with the 1st one that it’s a complex process. It’s a very simple process if you are considering the white hat SEO. Which search engines prefers the most, with all algorithms followed.
NOW I keep on saying that it’s a process, now what is this process any ways?
The process is all about making and presenting a site describing your business in a way that its user friendly as well as search engine friendly. So that it can be searched by the user properly and indexed by the search engines in a proper manner.
Now there is a number, I don’t know exactly how many because I don’t have any stats, that thinks that SEO is a process that starts after a site is being created but I must tell you my dear readers that it’s a process that starts with your thought of starting for a new business and thinking of putting it on the web so that a very big segment can be targeted.
  Now moving on to the process for search engine optimization, then it consider two phase, these are –
Ø  On page optimization.
Ø  OFF page optimization.
On page optimization for a page starts from the beginning of the idea that we want to have our business online.
On page consist of a lot of things like -
·         Domain optimization.
·         Link optimization.
·         Link structure optimization.
·         Content optimization.
·         Keyword optimization.
·         Image optimization.
·         Code optimization.
·         Meta tags optimization.
·         Site map optimization.
·         Robot optimization.
·         Alt tag optimization.
·         Anchor text optimization.
·         H1 tag optimization.
and a few more.

Now talking about the OFF page optimization, then it starts with the end of on page optimization phase.
Now what are the things that can be considered as OFF page optimization or OFF page optimization activities?
Off page optimization is simply having back links for the page you hold; now the question that comes in our mind is that, what could be the places where I can have back links or generate back links? The answers are –

·         Article submission
·         Social bookmarking
·         Blog submission
·         Forum engagements
·         Classifieds
·         Profile linking

And many more, now all these thing should be done in a manner, so that you should not be considered as a spammer because, if it dose happens then say good bye to your dream for online business.

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