SEO expert
With years of experience in Internet marketing, have learned a lot and developed skills that make me competent to anyone and everyone working in my domain, though m still in the learning phase.

The buzz word with current Competitive market are “ ADAPT and IMPROVISE “.

Internet marketing is the most Dynamic Domain to work with, as every millisecond things are changing out here and this keeps my mind on the edged searching for possibilities, what next I can do to make things better for my clients.Things that I have learned within these years and i am still learning.

  • Web Site Architecture optimization
  • Web site internal link placement optimization
  • Keyword mapping optimization
  • Content keyword mix placement optimization
  • Inline Code optimization
  • Tags and Snippet optimization
  • Local Search optimization
  • Keyword research and analysis through Keyword planner and other sources
  • Competitive and Competitor research and analysis
  • Formulating online marketing strategies according to the online market life cycle of the project
  • Analyzing Formulated strategies with the help of Google Analytic and webmaster, in terms of Average Visitor coming on the site, Average new visitors, what Demography and Geography they are coming form, Average Bounce rate of the on the site, goals if any set and many other factors and co relate it with the strategy opted and adjusting it, if any loop holes found.
  • Social Media Marketing which covers online branding of products, online Reputation Management and many others.
  • Various Off page search engine optimization techniques that can help any business to improve their search visibility in major search engines.

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