Story of an SEO Consultant – Laughing prohibited

People ask me oftenly, being an SEO Consultant what problems do you face while handling a client, I wish there could be a simple answer for this one, but have decided to give you small glimpse of my daily interactions with my clients.

Disclaimer: This story has no resemblance to anyone living or dead.

Story One:

Client: Hey mate how you doing today?
Me: M Good pal.

Client: listen I stuck up with a problem can you help me out with this one.
Me: Sure, what it is?

Client: lately I was searching for a keyword that you are working on and found something that I would love if happens to our site too.
Me: sure would love to know what it is. And would find a solution for you to my best

Client: wait up m sending you a screenshot.
Me: OK

Client: The screenshot
Story of an SEO Consultant

Client: Please check the Screen shot
Me: OK have seen it, now what you want to be done?

Client: As online web tutorials, HTML tutorials, SQL tutorials and others are the keywords that we are targeting, so what I want form you is, when ever these keywords online web tutorials, HTML tutorials, SQL tutorials and others are searched by our prospective users our site should come up the way as shown in this screenshot means the home page than the respective pages

SEO Consultant
“IF I could have found a wall nearby me I have banged my head to it for sure” 

Me: you want me to optimize the site in a way that it should appear for every keyword that we are targeting in the way it shows in the screenshot. for W3Cschool.

Client: Yes, and I think it not a tough task, so would not take more than a week or month to you, what you say.

SEO Consultant

“Please somebody kill me”

Me: but pal it can’t be done..

Story of an SEO Consultant
Client: Why so, aren't we targeting the keywords, and it’s almost 3 days you have been working on my site I still don’t see it on the first page in Google, would you like to tell me why is it so. It seems I have wasted my money. If I had done it myself I would have ranked it on the first page for Google in an hour the day I launched it.
Would not like to picture rest of the conversation we did as it contain some furious content too..  But it took me almost an hour to calm him down and explain him why he is still not ranking on Page One of Google after Three days of work and why he can’t show up with his keywords online web tutorials, HTML tutorials, SQL tutorials and others as in the screenshot for w3cshool. Though this is not the only one, to know what other difficulties SEO consultants face subscribe to my blog and I will keep you guy’s updates.

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