Online Brand Reputation Management

In today context for all businesses, online brand reputation means a lot that can be the difference between a successful profitable business improving gradually and smoothly on daily basis and a non performing business venture.

Benefits with online brand reputation Management

  • Business reach: In order to perform in the local or global market any business highly depends on references and Word of mouth promotion, with traditional way of marketing the reach for any business is lesser then online mediums. This could be explained with the help of an Example: After sharing a post about How to check your personality? the reach for the post or can be said as, business reach can be seen in the figure below

By any means it is next to impossible to have this amount of people looking for your product or services within a few minutes. And this is only example for one platform.

  • Improved Return on Investments: Moving forward with the example shown above, just consider that your business reach was 1,860 per month by traditional medium of marketing, but with online reputation management your business reach would be 1,860 per day, now if we calculate business reach for one month considering 30 days than it would be:

It is almost next to impossible to have this much visibility for you business with traditional methods of marketing.

  • Increase Conversion Ratio: Moving forward with the same example let us find out how much improvements we can possibly measure in terms of conversion. Just consider 5% conversion from the people who reached your business, so it would be 5% of 1,860 for traditional marketing methods and 5% of 55800 for online Reputation management. The difference can be seen in the graph below

  • Increased Revenue: Moving further with the example, if we consider average revenue generated by one conversion is $100, than revenue generated would be $9300 per month by traditional marketing medium and $279000 by online brand reputation in the month.

As a conclusion I would recommend every business small or big to start adopting the online reputation management medium as it would not only help you in improving revenue or reach for your business but would also help you in building a brand and long term healthy relationship with your current as well as prospective customers gradually.

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